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Research on Pompeii
Research Projects on Pompeii
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Research on the Streets of Pompeii:


A Reexamination of Traffic in Pompeii's Regio VI- The Casa del Fauno, the Central Baths, and the Reversal of Vico di Mercurio.

Archaeological Insitute of America, 2005


Interaction of the Water System and Traffic System in Pompeii.

Archaeological Insitute of America, 2004

Romans on the Right: The Art and Archaeology of Traffic.

  • 2003 Master's Thesis at the University of Virginia.
  • 2003 Romans on the Right, Athanor version.
  • 2003 Romans on the Right, review of Theory.

A Diachronic Perspective on Directionality: Detour and the Pattern of Pompeian Traffic.

Archaeological Insitute of America, 2003

Directionality of Pompeii's Urban Streets.

Archaeological Insitute of America, 2001

(See also, Poehler, E.E. "The Circulation of Traffic in Pompeii - Region VI" The Journal of Roman Archaeology vol. 19:59-74.)



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