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Research on Pompeii
Research Projects on Pompeii
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Resources on Pompeii:

Topography -- Bibliography -- Ancient Sources -- Varia



This section, currently under construction, will provide a linked map of the city that allows for a topographic navigation of the this site. Additionally, spatial data files for GIS such as layer, feature class, Digital Elevation Models and AutoCAD Drawings will be available for download. Eventually, it is hoped that scholars will share their data "into" this map, allowing for new kinds of researches to be made.  



Links to Book reviews, full-text ebooks, and an ever expanding and searchable bibliography on works relating to Pompeii are found in this section.

Ancient Sources:


Excepts of ancient literature as well as the graffiti and dipinti from the walls of Pompeii are linked here.


Various other topics abound that impact our understanding of Pompeii but do not relate directly to the research of the city. An obvious example is the volcanology of the region, which has an obvious impact. So too, however, do the representations of Pompeii within our daily, modern lives. Images and videos of the city are found across the internet, and so too is information on visiting the ruins. Finally, no visit would be complete without a stop in the museums of the area and around the world.


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